Here is a tip for an authentic Mexican restaurant in Houston

Looking for a new place to eat? Try this authentic Mexican restaurant!

Here is a tip for an authentic Mexican restaurant in Houston

Houstonians are always looking for a new place to eat, but with the vast amount of restaurants in Houston, it can be hard to decide on where to go. Well, don't worry because I have found an authentic Mexican restaurant that is worth trying out. There is nothing better than some good old-fashioned Mexican food and @cuchararestaurant has it all! They offer chilaquiles, caldo, tostaditas, encacahuatadas - you name it they got it. Plus their prices are cheap so there really is no excuse not to give this place a try!

Cuchara is an authentic Mexico City bistro that opened its doors with a Mexican independence party to celebrate the red, white, and green on September 15th. The 1940s brick building used to house The Hyde Park Supermarket before it was turned into Cuchara's new digs this year.

The founder's Ana Beaven and Charlie McDaniel hired Jim Herd and his team of Collaborative Projects to create a modern and open aesthetic that is juxtaposed with jolts of color and texture in the rainbow-hued plates and bowls, and rough-hewn half-aprons worn by waiters that reference the menu’s Mexico City origins. With dishes from Mexico City being their signature cuisine, they have developed an innovative way for customers to experience this world-renowned food without having any culinary knowledge!

The restaurant also features three eye-catching murals by Mexico City artist Cecilia Beaven who created the playful animal icons that are present everywhere as well. A chaotic maze of cars and roads frames the largest one which takes up most of their dining room with patrons looking down at people lounging and sipping cocktails from different dimensions they're in while enjoying menu creations from Chris Frankel on this ever-changing space, made to transport you into another world altogether! The third mural is a vibrant open-air market where vendors display the ingredients that come straight from farms to your tables in unique ceramic and cast iron pots, pans, and bowls.

Cuchara is located at 214 Fairview St Suite #1, Houston, TX 77006 in the Montrose area, perfect for brunch, lunch, or date night. You will not find fresher food than what you'll get from this restaurant. The staff is always on their game and the drink menu leaves nothing to be desired!