Houston Heights— find things to do, restaurants, and hotels.

Houston holds within in structures, location, and energies that constantly draw locals and tourists in. One of these glorious locations is the widely known Houston heights. Houston Heights is a prominent neighborhood in the northwest part of Houston city. It is one part of the handful of neighborhoods that are collectively labeled as 'the Heights.'

The specific and beautiful area is more often known because of its historic grandeur and the assortment of places that it hides within its folds. If you happen to be in Houston and are thinking of paying the neighborhood of Houston heights a visit, then you’re in luck! Today, we’re enlisting the best places to visit and the best things to do in Houston heights.

Go by 19th street.

You've probably already heard of the name of this street, and if you've seen pictures of it, it has definitely caught your attention. With a seemingly endless line of vintage stores, eateries, and even theaters, 19th street is the one thing you don’t want to miss when you’re in Houston heights.

Eat your fill at Rainbow Lodge.

If you're looking for a wonderful and frozen-in-time, gorgeous setting where you can enjoy the best and most flavorful of meals, then Rainbow Lodge is the eatery for you. Its aesthetic setting and old-cabin scenery are just as unparalleled as its food. This restaurant is known for its exquisite assortment of meats, so be sure to go by when you're in Houston heights.

Swing by White Oak Drive.

You’ll find yourself gravitating to this beautiful location in the Houston heights once you’ve visited it. Lining across the Southern part of Houston heights, White Oak Drive is known for its unbeatable restaurant choices like Onion Creek and Coltivare. It is also a very popular breakfast spot, so you might want to try making an early morning visit and testing it out for yourself.

Burn off your calories at the Hike and bike trail.

Houston heights are not short on activities to do. Once you're filled to the brim with good food and excellent retail therapy, you can swing by the Heights trail, where you can bike across and enjoy the area or hike over and make heart eyes at the glorious views. This is a preferred spot for Houston heights locals to wind up their hectic lives with evening strolls and familial company.

Experience puppet theater.

Perhaps the most interesting and novel experience you could have in Houston Heights is going to the Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theater. With many plays executed by puppet mastery, the theater provides a unique form of entertainment that has an energy of its own. Beware that these puppet shows are in no way meant for kids, at least not all of them.

Try sugar therapy!

Visit confectionaries like the Fat Cat Creamery and pastry places such as Hugs and Donuts to get an exquisite taste of how Houston Heights desserts are truly like. If you’re planning to visit Houston Heights, these pit stops are a must.