Looking for a new barber? Here are our top 10 barbers in Houston

With the help of our followers, we at HoustonTips have compiled a list of the top ten barbers that we believe will give you an unforgettable salon visit.

Looking for a new barber? Here are our top 10 barbers in Houston
Photo by Chris Knight / Unsplash

Houston is a bustling city with new opportunities and events happening all the time. One great way to experience this vibrant culture is by visiting your local barber! With the help of our followers, we at HoustonTips have compiled a list of the top ten barbers that we believe will give you an unforgettable salon visit. Whether it's for just one day or every day in-between visits; these professionals are sure to please any customer looking for quality services from start to finish (and don't forget about their unbeatable prices). The next time you're not quite feeling like yourself, be sure to stop by one of our favorite barbers - they'll make you feel right back home again!

1) @guccithebarber__

Gucci is a 23-year-old barber who was born in Houston, TX. A self-proclaimed God first and the "King of Kuts", Gucci's love for cutting hair has led him to his position as one of the most sought-after barbers in town.

He grew up always knowing he was going to be different. He was always eager to serve people and give them confidence even if through advice or just making someone feel better about themselves. He always knew he couldn't do the 9-5 so at 20 yrs old he quit his job at the bank taking a major pay cut to pursue barbering.

"It wasn't easy but would I do it all again ? YES" - Gucci

He loves to have someone in his chair tell him to do whatever he wants -  he gets excited because he loves to envision the cut even before he does it and that according to him is the secret to being a great Barber.

What I do in my cuts is I use detail. I have 1 person to thank for showing me the way and teaching these methods and helping me find my own style -  his name is Javier Huerta owner of Genesis Barbershop.

Gucci does everything! From razor to detail he is your guy. He can even do haircut rings from shears on top and best of all his customer service is on point.

Gucci's barber is located in the Galleria area and you can message him through his Instagram account @guccithebarber__

2) @vinnydeleon3

At Vinny’s, you can expect to walk into a traditional-style, family-owned barbershop where you and your family will feel comfortable and welcomed.  Although they just opened our doors in 2017, Vinny has over 10 years of experience in the barbering industry and he aims to give his guests the ultimate traditional barbershop experience.

When it comes to haircuts they do it all, from flat tops to high tops, fades to mullets, absolutely all, including shear cuts.

Oh! If you stop by for a cut, don’t forget to take a look at their customer’s wall, or contribute to it, they want you to be a part of their family and feel right at home.

“It’s not just a haircut, it’s an experience.” - Vinny DeLeon

3) @kzfadez

KZ has cut hair for many people with various backgrounds, but his most famous customers have been the ones on UFC. He is a talented barber that’s worked wonders on anyone who sits in his chair--from soccer players to TikTok stars he does it all.

4) @mugchops713

Dustin aka DustyJo is just another average guy who loves his clients and craft. He cuts all styles and all textures. According to him, he leans towards classic styles such as slick backs, side parts, textured crew cuts, and even flat tops. He feels blessed to work at a hopping barbershop called Jay’s Barbershop and a shave parlor in the heights. He is a very busy barber, so if you want to check him out we recommend you book an appointment - it's definitely worth it.

5) @nicoleraystudios

Nicole Ray is a barber with 8 years of experience located in Houston, Texas. She knew she had a passion for barbering when she picked up her first pair of clippers at 10 years old and started practicing on family members. She also specializes in non-surgical hair replacements. She has worked with all types of clients. Her clients consist of musicians, NBA players, models, stylists, and many more. Her overall goal is to build relationships, create a relaxed environment, and make her clients feel their best. She loves helping clients express their personalities through their appearance.

I strive to be consistent. Consistency is what will keep you on top in this industry. - Nicole Ray

6) @miguelfadedit

You can find @miguelfadedit at Grayscale.  They are a locally owned modern-day barbershop with traditional barber roots. Located on the west side of Houston servicing the Katy/Cypress area, they are dedicated to serving the community and providing an unmatched service & customer experience. They specialize in haircuts, hot towel shaves, and beard trims. If you are looking to check them out, set an appointment with them at grayscalebarbershop.com!

7) @houston55barberstudio

Houston55 is all about change and reform. They uplift, motivate and educate all of their clients to ensure their well-being. Positive vibes and excellent customer service are what they are about at the Houston55 Barber Studio.

8) @houstonshaves

Joe began cutting his own hair when he was a freshman in high school. Shortly after he started cutting his friend's hair. Born and raised in Houston, he has always taken bald fades and appearance seriously.

"I tried to find other industries after high school with better benefits even though my passion was in cutting hair. I finally decided in 2007 to go to barber school." - Joe Lira

While he was attending barber school, he was a shampoo apprentice at his cousin's salon. He never wanted to be known as just a barber who can use clippers but one understood precision and texture that can only be accomplished with shears. Since 2007 I’ve never looked back. He's done numerous pop-up shops around Houston and has done high-end groomsmen parties.

"I love what I do. I love the relationships I’ve built with all of my clients." - Joe Lira

Now he works in a hidden gem located in the heart of Houston in the AIG complex called Allen Parkway Barbershop. It’s a first-class place to get a haircut. He gets most of his clients by word of mouth - that shows how good he is. Joe says he's been going at it for 11 years and he has big plans coming soon.

9) @blendsbysig

Sigmund's Wealth Barber Studio is located in a small, unassuming building that at 2612 Briarhurst Drive Houston, TX 77469. With many years under his belt as an experienced and skilled craftsman, Sigmund has been able to establish himself among peers such as one of the top barbers in the city by providing excellent customer service and creating quality cuts for people who have high standards due to their busy work schedules or active lifestyle.

Sigmund knows how important your hair can be when it comes time to interview or perform at 11:00 PM on a Saturday night; he does not want you cutting corners elsewhere if you cannot find what you need from him!

10) @alreadysoldhtx

Diego is more than just a master barber, he's also an entrepreneur. Aside from being a barber he also owns his own successful business that specializes in exclusive sneakers. Diego has 8 years of experience, and he won 9 barber competitions throughout his career as well as cut celebrities from time to time. When not at work or competing for prizes, you can find him at El Projecto Barbershop located at 11150 Airline Dr. Suite 200 Houston, TX 77037.